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Mer 24 Ago 2016

Sunday, August 28, 5.30 pm - at Parco Avventura Ciuchino Birichino (Ostuni - BR)

A magical evening in the Valle d´Itria to discover the night birds of prey

The Adventure Park Ciuchino Biricchino (company with the brand of the Park Dune Costiere) is pleased to invite you in the hills of Ostuni, to learn about the singing and the habits of the owl, of the Barn owl and of the Eurasian scops owl, and demystify the superstitions picturing them as birds of ill omen.

We will have a walk through in the forest of live oak and neighboring fields to search for owls and Eurasian scops owl, to hear their calls, accompanied by the songs of the crickets and the scent of wild plants.

This will be an opportunity to learn about wild animals of the Valle d’Itria territory.

The exploration walk is organized in cooperation with the Natural Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

Info and details:

Path length: 2 km, low difficulty. It takes place on trails in the woods and on dirt roads.

*for more info about the tree paths and about the Parco Avventura’s picnic area, you can call 328 8485157.

Duration: from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

Meeting: 5.30 pm at the Adventure Ciuchino Biricchino in Ostuni (BR).

Geographical coordinates: N 40 ° 43,598 ´E 17 ° 33,242´

Notes: sneakers, comfortable clothing and a flashlight are recommended.

Reservation: online by clicking on the PRENOTA/BOOK button or by calling 366 5999514. 

The Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere and the Association Polyxena are pleased to invite you, from May to September 2016, to a series excursions and events in the nature. A calendar of initiatives including research, multisensory experiences and nocturnal explorations between the coast and the interior rural areas, where you can observe, learn to recognize and photograph the great local biodiversity.

On Friday, August 26th, 2016 we’ll be back with our "Butterfly watching activities". Armed with screen, guides, compasses, magnifying lenses, the Association Polyxena will lead nature fans in grasslands, forests, wetlands and ancient olive groves for butterflies and insects watching. The next round will take place in the evocative Lama Cornola, where to find out how the evolution of the landscape affected biodiversity.

Activities shall be conducted by the Environmental and Walking Guides of A.I.G.A.E. Association. These activities are  part of the actions made by the Ass. Polyxena to support the Butterfly Conservation Europe, the European network for the protection of butterflies and their habitats, and of the European Citizen Science Association, active in 17 European countries for citizens involvement in Scientific Research.

The event is free and reservations are required. Start at 4.00 pm

Appointment at Cava di Pezze Caldara. For information on schedules and bookings, call 3922525812 (10: 00-13: 00; 16: 00-19: 00).


Saturday, July 30th 2016, we are pleased to invite you to “Trame di Roccia – (rocky plots)” a moonlight walk in the former quarry called “Cava di Pezze Caldara”, in the heart of the Park Dune Costiere.

The Association Polyxena members will lead us in one of the more suggestive corners of the park, telling us about the geological history of our country, through the fauna and flora of Puglia.

A lovely atmosphere will frame the fascinating universe that awakens at nightfall and comes alive under the starry sky. Along the way you’ll have the chance to  listen to the legends related to the night owls and their representation over time, not to mention the moths and the ecological role of insects in ecosystems.

Then, in the moonlit you’ll be enchanted by the stories that bind the land of Puglia with Olives, as well as the stories and myths related to it.

Along the trail you’ll stop and listen to the night sounds of nature, mixed up with the irresistible music performed by the Ensemble "Suoni della Terra (Sounds of Earth)" to accompany the charming dancers "Le Ancelle di Bacco (The Servants of Bacchus)”.

At the end of the walk, participants will stop and taste a menu based on: friselline of Senatore Cappelli wheat with tomato and organic extra virgin olive oil of the olive-growing plain of Ostuni, wine, olives, cheeses with honey produced in the Park , fruit.

Reservation is required. For information and reservations please call 3286598638 (Daniela).

The visit turns will begin at 19:30 and at 21:00, so when reserving you can leave your name for the one you prefer.

The activity is led by the A.I.G.A.E., Environmental and Walking Guides, by the Polyxena association. The event is organized by Polyxena and the Park Dune Costiere, with Madeira bike support.

To reach the quarry “Cave di Pezze di Caldara”: from the SS16, exit to the locality Pilone - Rosa Marina (GPS coordinates: 40.801303, 17.536001) and follow the signs leading to Masseria L´Ovile.

3 summer events in the charming nature night with Madera Bike; one night a month of cycling excursions, food, wine and live music

Experience the magic of the night, riding your bicycle, to admire one of the most precious natural treasures of the coast. Madera Bike is pleased to invite nature lovers to three bicycle hikes lit by the moon silvery rays, to discover and experience ecosystems, history, authentic flavors and live music. "The moonlight bike rides" are scheduled for Friday, July 22nd, Thursday, August 18th and Friday, September 16th starting at 9 pm, in the Regional Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

After the success of the last edition, the moonlight rides event is back to accompany nature lovers to discover the Park, an area of vast natural beauty to be explored in the moon rays. An appointment with unique charm dedicated to expert cyclists and amateurs, in this small distance and strong emotional impact hike.

The easy to follow route develops along little trafficked secondary roads, along the suggestive Trajan way toward the former Fontevecchia station. Pedaling and relaxing between stone walls, precious olive trees, sea and starry skies, we’ll stop in one of the farms under the Park’s trade mark  and at the ancient Montalbano Dolmen, exceptional testimony of prehistoric civilizations.

At the end of each route the participants are welcomed in a unique natural environment, the small station of Fontevecchia countryside, surrounded by olive groves in the Plain of Ostuni; here you’ll enjoy  the live soul and swing performance of Saintapolinare (Friday, July 22nd) , the songs by the Miope duet (August 18th) and the combination of popular and folk music by the World music duo (September 16th).

The moonlight bike rides is an event dedicated to the rhythms of nature, created to enjoy the best of the summer night countryside landscape between Ostuni and Fasano and to discover natural areas inaccessible to mass tourism.

The event is a part of the summer program of the Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

The bike rides include: bike and accessories rental, ride and concert. Reservation is required, calling the number 327.5785185. 

To celebrate the 47th anniversary of the first Moon Landing, the theater company Meridiani Perduti, in collaboration with the Cooperative GAIA and the Park Dune Costiere, are pleased to invite you, on July 21 at 9 pm in the amazing Morelli river scenario, to live together an  unforgettable night!

We’ll make an emotional trip with the theatre play “REVOLUTION” by Sara Bevilacqua, reliving the heartbeats the joys and pains of our land at the beginning of the 60s, when the Beatles played at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and Yuri Gagarin became the first man in orbit around the planet .

 The protagonist of Revolution dreams to fly in the space and meet the Fab Four, but she has a little problem: she lives in Brindisi, a still village 326 km away from the orbit of Gagarin and about 3,000km from Liverpool; she lives where it feels like the 60s will never come! 

But they do come, instead. In 1962 the first area of the Montecatini Chemical firm was finished and things suddenly changed.

Revolution tells about the ten years that have rocked the history, until the night when Tito Stagno told to the Italian national microphones about the first man on the moon.

And what about the girl in love with the Beatles?
Where was she while Armstrong was engraving his famous footprint? Was she front of the TV like all the others or, as suggested in another famous Beatles song, was she Across the universe?

After the show, we will be guided between the stars, constellations and galaxies of the universe by the astrology amateur Roberto.

In case of unsuitable weather conditions, the stars observation will be postponed until a later date.
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We recommend open shoes, a small flashlight, mosquito repellent and beach towel.

"Theatre play in Italian language"

Meetig at 21:00 am at "Lido Morelli", Ostuni (BR).

GPS coordinates: 40°48’’39’’N e 17°31’’23’’E.

Admission fee, reservation required.

INFO AND RESERVATIONS: 347 0042961/ 349 449060 

In the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo you can enjoy several activities to discover the landscapes, the biodiversity, the agricultural traditions, historical and archaeological sites, and the local food.

There are local organizations actively collaborating with the Park to promote these experiences in this amazing protected area.

So you can discover the park on foot through the coastal dunes, ponds behind the dunes, ancient olive groves, pastures, medieval stone settlements, historic farms and ancient underground presses. To do this, you’ll be guided by the certified guides of Serapia end Gaia coop. Association, recognized for their commitment for environmental sustainability. 

Among the beautiful events organized by Gaia Association, there are the Thursday evening guided free hikes, among the Morelli river dunes and the Archaeological Park of Santa Maria d´Agnano, where a 28,000 year old woman was found with her son still in the womb.

Thanks to Madeira Ass., you can visit by bike the protected area along dirt roads and ancient streets such as the Via Traiana, built in the Second Century a.d. by the emperor Trajan to connect Rome to the port of Brindisi. The same streets that you’ll travel by bikes were used in medieval times by the Crusaders and the many pilgrims who ventured from Apulia Ports to the Holy Land.

The Association Gli Ulivi leads horseback and carriage rides to discover the Park and its farms, olive groves and the Montalbano Dolmen, a megalithic monument of the second millennium BC.

By snappy and colorful twizy - electric two-seater quadricycles – you’ll enjoy the magnificent olives plain landscapes between Ostuni and Fasano, until the rocky Park of Lama d´Antico and the ancient city of Egnazia. ForPlay offers a twizy rental service with the tour run by the cooperative Serapia.

If, instead, you want to discover the agri-food typical products, Gaia and Serapia give you the chance to explore the farms under the Park’s Brand to know, among others, the Pezze di Greco typical figs, tomatoes “Regina” of Torre Canne, Senatore Capplli wheat, extra virgin olive oil produced by olive trees of Salento of Ogliarola varieties and cheeses obtained from farming on the pastures all the way to the sea.

The cooperative Serapia also organizes walks in the moonlight by the sea, literary tours and walks in search for owls in the monumental olive groves, laboratories to discover the biodiversity of edible wild plants and their traditional uses in the kitchen. For all tours, reservation is required.

Feel free to ask for more information contacting the Park Dune Costiere office, calling the number +39 348 1638228, and emailing at, or contacting the information center set up at the former Roadman’s House ANAS - Fasano Montalbano Albergabici, accessible from the former SS 16 Ostuni - Fasano.

The Albergabici, until September 30th 2016, will be open on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00. Here you will learn about all the initiatives of the Park and rent a bike. 

The Park Dune Costiere and the Museum of Pre-Classical Civilization of Ostuni are pleased to invite you to the the free evening tours in the protected natural wetland areas of the dunes and in the archaeological areas of the Park of Santa Maria d´Agnano, to promote the knowledge and the integrated use of environmental goods and cultural territory.

On Thursday, June 30, a program of free guided tours started, allowing tourists and lovers of history and nature to enjoy two symbol areas of the territory of Ostuni.

The initiative stems from the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Regional Park Dune Costiere and the Museum of Pre-Classical Civilization of Ostuni, through which they want to jointly promote these two goods.

Environmental and archaeological guides of the Coop Ass. Gaia will connect the two realities, providing activities in the Park and evening visits to the Santa Maria d´Agnano Park, allowing all of you to learn about the two sites with the following program:

·       6 pm: Park Dune Costiere, where the dune lines with rare juniper trees and Mediterranean vegetation surround the ponds behind the dunes,

·       7.30 pm: The archeological Park  of Agnano, where the “oldest mother in the world” was found, i.e. a woman of 28 thousand years ago with her fetus.

The staff that will accompany you in the two areas is made up by recognized guides registered in the AIGAE, or working for companies certified with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism ECST.

Info and reservations Tel. 347.0042961 - 320.6251107

The Association Polyxena and the Park Dune Costiere are pleased to invite you, on Sunday, June 19th, to a one-day trip to discover the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of Puglia, using our senses. We’ll lead you to two fascinating places of Apulia: the Park’s protected area and the Botanical Garden Lama degli Ulivi in Monopoli

At 10 am we’ll have a walk led by Polyxena to discover the butterflies in the Park, during a careful activity of "Butterfly Watching”. Armed with butterfly nets, guides, compasses, magnifying glasses, you’ll be involved in an action of biodiversity monitoring. The meeting place is at the cava di "Pezze Caldara", where the Park has recreated the typical Mediterranean habitat, home to a great variety of species of butterflies.

Then in the afternoon, at 4 pm, we’ll continue with a visit to the Botanical Garden Lama degli Ulivi, in Conghia district in Monopoli. A more than three-hectare garden, where there are plants from the four corners of the planet, by all the Mediterranean climate environments. A sensory walk will allow you to perceive intensely the scents, shapes, sounds and curiosity housed by the garden. In addition you’ll have the opportunity to visit the new House of Butterflies "Farfalia", a 300 square meter structure where typical local butterflies are bred.

The two trips can be carried out independently or in combination. Participation is free, for a maximum number of 20 participants. The activity is conducted by Polyxena authorized hiking guides. Information and reservations: e 3462495668.

The quay named Cave di Pezze Caldara is located in Pilone-Rosa Marina (GPS: 40.801303, 17.536001), at the beginning of the road leading to the Masseria farm L´Ovile.

To reach the Botanical Garden Lama degli Ulivi you must, from the highway S.S. 16, take the exit "Monopoli - S. Francesco da Paola" and follow the directions to "Vivai Capitanio", in the district called “Contrada Conghia 298” (GPS: 40.903653 / 17.304325).  

We are pleased to invite you, next Saturday at 4,30 pm in The Park Dune Costiere, for two hikes to discover and learn about the "fiorone di Torre Canne", local variety of early fig. 

The event, organized by the Associations Madera Bike and Gaia Enviromental Tours in partnership with the Park Dune Costiere and Franchino (a local farmer), aims at increasing the knowledge and awareness about the local early fig special cultivation, along the fossil dunes, influenced by the sea wind. 

Madera Bike Tour is organizing the bike hike, starting at the Albergabici in Montalbano at 4,30 pm. The organizers will provide you with bikes, helmets and technical assistance. Info and reservations: 327.5785185 - Daniele.

Gaia Enviromental Tours is organizing a trekking experience: we´ll leave at 4,30 pm from the Lido Morelli beach. After a fast excursion at the Morelli river we´ll reach the fossil dunes and the early fig cultivation behind them. Info and reservations - 347.0042961 Maria Franca. 

Possibility to buy the product.  


Park Authority

PARCO NATURALE REGIONALE "Dune costiere da Torre Canne a Torre S. Leonardo" - e-mail PEC